Luxembourg Identity Card

As of July 2014, Luxembourgish people who are resident in the USA will be able to apply for a Luxembourgish electronic identity card. The card will be delivered on demand on the condition that the applicant is registered in the National Natural Persons Registry (RNPP).

The new ID will contain an electronic chip on which certain data are stored. Each citizen aged 18 or more will  be able to use two certificates on their identity card that allow him/her to:

  • digitally sign documents and transactions online, with equivalent legal value than a handwritten signature;
  • have secure access to public and private online applications.

All applications for a Luxembourgish identity card have to be submitted in person at the embassy. Once you have all the required documentation(see below), please contact the Consulate to make an appointment.

For the first Luxembourgish ID: you are required to request a nationality certificate – certificat de nationalité – from the Luxembourg Ministry of Justice or a valid Luxembourgish Passport.

Tip: keep a copy of all the documents you need for this, in regard to the application for the identity card. Before you make your first application, the consulate will need to register you in the RNPP, for which it will need the nationality certificate or your valid passport as well as proof of residence.

PLEASE NOTE : Luxembourgish citizens living in the  USA who have kept an address in Luxembourg will either have to submit their application at the respective municipality in Luxembourg, or will have to deregister in Luxembourg first and ask the consulate to change their address in the RNPP afterwards in order to be able to apply for an identity card at the consulate.

ADULTS (18 years or older) – Mandatory documents:

  • A fully completed and signed application form;
  • For the first Luxembourgish ID: a nationality certificate or a valid passport;
  • Your old identity card (or a copy until delivery of the new card), or your Luxembourgish  passport;
  • Two recent passport photographs according to the Luxembourgish standards;
  • Proof of residence which is no more than 3 months old;
  • If you want your spouse’s name mentioned on your identity card, a copy of the marriage certificate;
  • Proof of payment (for bank details see page 2);
  • The applicant has to indicate whether s/he wants to activate the certificates in the identity card when making his/her application – please note this choice is valid for the complete validity period of the card.

Important information for adults about signatures on the application form:

  1. Married women have to sign with their maiden name;
  2. The signature must not exceed nor touch the inner limits of the box intended for the signature.

MINORS (less than 18 years old) - Mandatory documents:

  • Mandatory documents are the same as mentioned for adults (see above);
  • If the parents are separated or divorced, a copy of the separation or divorce certificate which shows that the parent who has signed the application, has custody of the minor, or a certificate from the municipality of residence proving the minor is registered at the same address as the parent;
  • The application for an identity card for a minor is submitted by a parent exercising parental rights or the minor’s guardian. Both have to personally be present when making the application.

Important information for minors about signatures on the application form:

  1. From the point onwards that a minor can write his/her name, s/he has to put his/her signature, taking care not to exceed nor touch the limits of the box intended for the signature;
  2. The application form must also be signed by a parent or guardian.

Price of the identity card and payment procedure:

Price of the identity card – applicant more than 15 years old (valid for 10years): € 34,

Price of the identity card – applicant between 4 and 15 years old (valid for 5 years): € 30,

Price of the identity card – applicant less than 4 years old (valid for 2 years): € 25,-


If you require delivery of the identity card by fast-track procedure, the price is 45 euros, regardless of the card’s validityperiod.Inthiscase,thecardwillhavetobepickedupbytheapplicantattheCTIEinLuxembourg.


The adequate amount has to be transferred to the following bank account:

IBAN : LU44 1111 7028 7715 0000


Name and address :



P.O. Box 1111

L-1011 Luxembourg

Please make sure the details of your bank transfer read « Application concerning identity card for First Name/Family Name » (if you are making a transfer for more than one person, please mention all first names/family names of the respective applicants).

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