Reclaiming Luxembourg Nationality



In 2008 the Luxembourg Government allowed all Luxembourg Citizens to obtain double (or multiple) nationality(ies) without having to renounce their current Luxembourg Citizenship. This new law is more elaborate than the previous double nationality law, which had only allowed double nationality from birth.


The Luxembourg government opened a window from 2008 to 2018 to allow adults who had lost their Luxembourg nationality and Luxembourg descendants (with a direct maternal or paternal ancestor who held Luxembourgish nationality on January 1, 1900) the right to reclaim Luxembourg Nationality .


You have until December 31st of 2018 to put in your application with the Ministry of Justice for the “First Step: receiving the Certificate that you have a Luxembourg Ancestor” (in French this is called “Certificat d’Aïeul”), and as of April 2017, "The Second Step must be completed by the 31st of December 2020, where you must sign, in the presence of a civil registrar, a declaration to reclaim Luxembourgish nationality."


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In the above link you will be asked to fill out the "Notice Biographique" (Biographical Notice).
For your convenience we have translated the "Notice Biographique" as it is in French and German on the website

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Ancestor's Certificates

please refer to the document below for useful referrals in order to better find your ancestor's birth / marriage / death certificates in Luxembourg:

How to obtain your Luxembourg Ancestor Certificates



Luxembourg Genealogy Resources: Getting Started (University of St. Thomas)

A guide to conducting Luxembourg genealogy using the the resources found in the Bach-Dunn Collection at the University of St. Thomas
Quoted from their website: "The Department of Special Collections houses one the largest collection of Luxembourg-related material in North America -- over 3,000 books, periodical volumes, maps, and rolls of microfilm.  Much of this material is of potential use to the genealogist.  Resources housed in the Department emphasize "Luxembourgers in Luxembourg" somewhat more than "Luxembourgers in the United States."  Other than the immigrant generation, you probably will need to seek resources on your American Luxembourg ancestors elsewhere." Please refer to the link below:




For more personalized information regarding reclaiming Luxembourg Citizenship please contact the LUXEMBOURG NATIONALITY INFOLINE at the MINISTRY OF JUSTICE (they all speak English) as this number is answered by the team who receives the applications and makes the decisions. They are 6 hours ahead of the East Coast of the United States as they are located in Luxembourg. Tel. (011) (352) 247-88588


 Please also contact the BIERGER CENTER (they all speak English) who are a “one stop shop” for Luxembourg citizens and future citizens at Tel. (011) (352) 4796-2200 as they have been assisting in the reclaiming Luxembourg Nationality process.
PLEASE DO YOUR HOMEWORK (read the instructions and the list of documents to submit) and refer to the following link of instructions before calling the experts
You are encouraged to call the experts listed above who speak English, are the authorities who will be accepting your application, and have been assisting hundreds of people reclaim Luxembourg Nationality at no cost (please make sure to check out the instructions in the link above before calling them).
As there have been changes in the laws of Luxembourg nationality as of April of 2017, it is important that you utilize the above experts to help you go through your application to make sure that you have the correct documents.

From their website:


Luxembourg Nationality “INFOLINE” is 011-352-247-88588 (Ministry of Justice – “Service de l’Indigénat”)

Ministère de la Justice

Service de l’indigénat - ministère de la Justice

13, rue Erasme

Centre Administratif Pierre Werner / Kirchberg

L-2934 - Luxembourg

Grand-Duché de Luxembourg



Nationality Infoline: Monday to Friday from 8.30-12.00 and 13.30-17.00

Calls from Luxembourg: 8002 1000 (toll free number)

Calls from abroad: (+352) 247 88588

Certificate of nationality (Heimatschein):

(+352) 247 84532

Secretariat: (+352) 247 84547

Fax: (+352) 26 20 27 59

Opening hours

from Monday to Friday (except on public holidays) from 8.30 to 11.30 and from 14.30 to 16.00 (special opening hours

during the summer holidays and the Christmas period).












The local Diplomatic Missions in the United States (Embassy and Consulates General) do not process applications to Reclaim Luxembourg Nationality.



Please note that applicants should always contact the competent authorities of their country of citizenship before acquiring a foreign nationality in order to verify whether the law of this first country also accepts the principle of dual (or multiple) citizenship.

EXAMPLE: if you are a US Citizen considering reclaiming Luxembourg Nationality please contact the US State Department before acquiring Luxembourg Nationality  


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The local Diplomatic Missions in the United States (Embassy and Consulates General) do not process applications to Reclaim Luxembourg Nationality.



The Ministry of Justice in Luxembourg is in charge of reviewing applications and decision making in all aspects of acquiring Luxembourg Nationality.

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