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MARIANNE SCHOLTES in a collective exhibition “Interpretive Realms"

Published Tuesday September 20 2016

MARIANNE SCHOLTES  in a collective exhibition  “Interpretive Realms”
Opening Reception: Thursday, September 22, 2016 -   6pm to 8pm
Exhibition: September 20 – October 11, 2016

Chelsea – 530 West 25th Street – between Tenth & Eleventh Aves – New York, NY 10004

Gallery Hours:  Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 6pm   -   Tel: (+1) 212-226-4151 -
Subway information: If you are in New York, the gallery is easily accessible from the   trains. 
                              Get off at the 23rd street stop, exit at the 25th street exit, and walk 2 1/2 blocks west

Imagination   Watercolor on Paper   33" x 25"

In her paintings, Marianne Scholtes explores the expressive possibilities of color, line and texture in many different formats. “Having always been fascinated by painting,” she says, “I began practicing art with a self-guided tour of various media.”  Those media include oils and such unconventional materials as mesh and sand in addition to watercolors and acrylics. While Scholtes says that her passion lies in watercolors, she notes that the other materials she uses allow her to give her work a broad emotional range and are central to the personal stories her images tell.

Much of the power of the artist’s work comes from her strong ability to orchestrate colors for maximum impact. Though her palette leans toward soft colors and subtly executed shifts of tone, she also has a keen sense of how to place short bursts of brighter shades to animate a painting and give it a feeling of depth and movement. The resulting works make abstract patterns come just as alive as depictions of people, cityscapes or flowers. That liveliness and spontaneity make each work fresh, engaging and unique.

Ms. Scholtes exhibited last at the “26th Open Air Konstfestival” in Lellingen/Luxembourg (June 23, 2016) and at the First International Contest of Watercolor Paintings at the “Konschthaus beim Engel” gallery in Luxembourg City (July 21- August 11, 2016).

It is her first ever exhibition in New York City