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Luxembourg City in the top 10 of the most “livable” cities

Published Wednesday January 21 2015

Ranked 6th out of 64 in an international study, Luxembourg City outdoes New York (17th), Paris (13th), Tokyo (18e) or even London (22nd) in an international ranking of most “livable city” in which it’s good to live and work in.

A joint international study made by researchers from the University of California, from the National University of Singapore and from the Curtin University, in Bentley, Australia compared and assessed 64 international cities in order to rank them by “livability” by using a newly developed index.

This new Global Liveable Cities Index (GLCI) takes not only economic factors in account but also includes more diverse factors like: economic vibrancy and competitiveness, domestic security and stability, socio-cultural conditions, public governance, environmental friendliness and sustainability.

The ranking of the top ten of the most “livable city” is as follows: Geneva, Zurich, Singapore, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Luxembourg, Stockholm, Berlin, Hong Kong, Auckland.

New York despite being ranked number 1 by economic indicators and other ranking schemes, is only number 17 out of 64 and other European capitals as Stockholm (7th), Berlin (8th) Paris (13th), London (22nd) are less well ranked then Luxembourg City (6th).

As mentioned by the authors of the study, "the rank of a city today is not necessarily a good indicator of its rank in the future. Environmental restoration and transport infrastructure improvements already underway in many Asian and specifically Chinese cities, could see the higher liveability today of European cities outstripped as those developing cities develop further”.



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