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Dual Citizenship


Obtaining the Luxembourgish citizenship through either naturalization or by recovering it, is not processed through the embassy.

Even though Luxembourg accepts dual citizenship for its nationals, Luxembourg has not signed any bilateral agreement with any other country. Please note that applicants not being Luxembourgish nationals should always verify with the competent authorities (embassy, consulate) of their country of citizenship whether the law of this first country also accepts the principle of dual (or multiple) citizenship.

To finalize the procedure you will have to go to Luxembourg in person to submit all the required documents in front of the Civil Officer of State.

The law of October 23, 2008 mainly allows the following situations:

  1. Luxembourgish nationals to have a dual citizenship by acquiring the nationality of a third country.
  2. Luxembourgish nationals having lost their citizenship while acquiring the nationality of a third country before the law of 10/23/2008 to recover it.
  3. Foreigners of Luxembourgish descent to recover the citizenship within certain conditions.

The law will have effect until 2018.

The information you can read here below does not show any specifics and for more safety and additional questions, please do refer to the international info line available on the website of the Ministry of Justice  and where a team of legal specialists can assist you.

To apply you must directly contact the authorities in Luxembourg. Please refer to following links where you'll find all the necessary forms:

See the brochure in English with the last update to the law of October 23, 2008. Please refer to the brochure to be sure you gather all the documents applying to your own situation.

For additional support you may:

  • Contact the international info line available on the website of the Ministry of Justice and where a team of legal specialists can assist you.
  • Or and considering that most of the forms are in French, we invite US or non-French speaking Canadian citizens willing to recover their Luxembourgish citizenship based on their lineage to contact Mrs. Saba FEBRES at the New York Consulat. Contact infos and opening hours can be found under: .


Luxembourg descendants can now reclaim their Luxembourg Nationality if they can prove that they have a Luxembourgish ancestor who was a citizen on or after January 1, 1900. The deadline for reclaiming your Luxembourg Citizenship is December 31, 2018.

The instructions for reclaiming your Luxembourgish Nationality are found in the document Reclaiming Luxembourg Nationality. Please refer to these instructions for the complete list of all documents you will need to reclaim Luxembourgish Nationality.

Please also find attached the Notice Biographique (Biographical Notice) which is in French and German, and please fill it out. For your convenience we have translated the Biographical Notice into English on a separate document to use as a reference only.

For more information on the specific conditions and the applicable procedures, please:

The Luxembourg Consulate General in New York can only give you general information on the recovery process. You will need to call the above Info Line in order to determine your individual recovery case. Please note that the Ministry of Justice needs to establish your lineage and that you must obtain the birth / death/ marriage certificates of your ancestors in order to complete your application. The document How to obtain your Luxembourg Ancestor Certificates will give you the addresses of the government offices you will need to contact in order to obtain your ancestors’ certificates. This may be lengthy and therefore we strongly suggest that you call the above Info Line to find out how to reclaim your Luxembourg Nationality.

Important and Useful Tips:

  • Call the Luxembourg Nationality Info Line first to assess your individual case and receive detailed instructions.