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Residence Permit

PLEASE NOTE: The Luxembourg Consulate General does NOT accept applications for Immigration to Luxembourg but we do accept applications for a D Visa once you have received your approval from the Immigration Service ("Service de l'Immigration"). Applications for Immigration to Luxembourg must be sent to the Immigration Service in Luxembourg (address is listed in the individual instructions below)

Determine the purpose of your immigration and please refer to the GUICHET.LU website in the following link below, under the heading "HIRING A THIRD COUNTRY NATIONAL" if you are not an EU or Luxembourg Citizen (for example an American Citizen is a Third Country National) or refer to "HIRING AN EU NATIONAL" if you or your family member is an EU national.

You will find instructions in order to apply to the Immigration Service in Luxembourg according to your own unique category and purpose of immigration:


All applications should be sent to the following address in Luxembourg and you must then wait for a response or a Temporary Approval BEFORE immigrating to Luxembourg:

Attention : "Cellule (name of your own unique purpose of immigration)"

Direction de l’Immigration

26 Route d’Arlon

L-1140 Luxembourg


Tel.: (+352) 247-84040




   Further information for Students about higher education in Luxembourg:

 Useful Websites when relocating to Luxembourg:

  • - A very useful website in French and English with information on immigration, practical information, education and training, and health and social services.
  • - A great website if to learn how to start a business in Luxembourg.
  • - Once you are in Luxembourg, this is a very useful website for everything, from paying your taxes to information on your pension.